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Field of prevention and protection against lightning

Design office
• In the field of prevention and protection against lightning

Services :
• Lightning expertise
• Lightning Study regulatory (decree of July 19, 2011 ex 15 January 2008)
• Lightning Risk Analysis (ARF), Technical Lightning Study (ET)
• Study in the field of detection of thunderstorms
• Redaction of technical specifications for lightning protection direct and indirect effects
• Project management assistance for the lightning protection installation
• Verification of lightning protection systems (resistance measurements, resistivity, bonding)
• Maintenance regulatory lightning protection systems
• Log book, procedures, simplified checks, complete verifications

Active member
• GIMELEC D84-1 (lightning prevention)
• SEE Club 44 (lightning)
• CENELEC (lightning prevention)

• Chemical risk N1 N2
• Electrical Hazard H2 B2 BR
• Qualifoudre studies (ARF + ET) and Level C inspections
Certificate of compliance TELCOMTEC

Certificate of compliance TELCOMTEC